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Established in 2004, They Call Us Friends (TCUF) is a non-profit 501c3 tax exempt community service organization. TCUF fosters educational trainings, resources, and learning tools that utilizes innovation for the underserved community. We partner with educators, community leaders, individuals, students, schools, banks, commercial & non-commercial groups, state, and local governments; who believes in innovation that can strengthen, empower, and is accountable to sustainability for improving our underserved communities.


  • TCUF is committed to providing quality support and educational tools that are innovative, efficient and effective. Our goal is to empower and strengthen the underserved communities from a sustainable and innovative perspective. We offer service in the areas of: health, education, counseling, basic life skills, consulting, and resources. Our core values are: innovation, sustainability, accountability, transparency, and integrity.  “Serving the Underrepresented with Innovative Life Skills and Solutions”
  • OUR MOTTO        "What Would A Friend Do?”
  • OUR VISION TCUF will take the lead in transformation of basic life skills trainings by designing a model used for our community and recognized nationally.


  • Accountability – We have an obligation to our community and willfully accept these challenges. 
  • Caring – We partner in educating our community on healthy and sustainable initiatives. 
  • Collaboration – We will partner with faith-based/community service organizations, educators, schools, state & local governments to fulfill your needs.
  • Innovation – We believe in creativity with an open-mind.
  • Integrity – Honesty is our policy
  • Listen – If we do not acknowledge your voice, how can we help you?
  • Respect – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Sustainability – We believe in utilizing our natural resources without destroying them.
  • Transparency – We view ourselves as your guiding light.       


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